EEOP Pre-Election Statement and Survey Reports

EEOP have held press conference and released EEOP Pre-Election Statement together with Coordinator Survey, Assessment of the Electoral Environment By EEOP Coordinators and LTOs (November 5, 2015), and Pre-Election Voter Survey, EEOP Pre-Election Voter Perception Survey (November 5, 2015). We would like to distribute these reports to Union Election Commissions (UEC), the public, CSOs and, as well as, the international and domestic communities.
Press Conference for EEOP Pre-Election Statement and Survey Reports
Press Conference for EEOP Pre-Election Statement and Survey Reports
The media asked several questions in the conference including as the following;
Q: Where will EEOP send these reports to and will you do any complain based on the results of the reports?
Ans: EEOP will send these reports to all of the stakeholders, such as, the Union Election Commission (UEC), the political parties, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), media, international and domestic observation organizations, as well as the public. These reports are intended with the purposes of having the better elections in the future and whether the election can meet the requirements of democratic standards. We will not complain the results of the reports to any organization.
Q: Are the observers from EEOP neutral or non-partisan?
Ans: Yes, we follow the international norms and obligations to become the members of EEOP.
Q: Does EEOP have enough professional and experts in the team?
Ans: Yes, luckily, the leading members of EEOP had both regional and international experiences in election observations. Moreover, all of the volunteer observers were trained and critically selected by the evaluations of the expert team. We only accepted those who had the commitments for their communities and willing to contribute their efforts throughout the process.
There are two languages available for these reports; English and Myanmar (Burmese). These reports are publicly available to get from our website as the following links;

English Version

Myanmar Version (အစီရင္ခံစာ ျမန္မာ) (အစီရင်ခံစာ မြန်မာ)

Direct links:

We are warmly welcome and appreciate that you all commend and redistribute these reports to any other stakeholders.

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