EEOP Preliminary Statement on Myanmar By-Election 2017

Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOP) had observed Myanmar’s by-elections 2017, held in April 1st, 2017, and issued its preliminary report on April 3rd. The by-elections was a remarkable event after the Myanmar’s historic general elections 2015.

EEOP press conference for by-elections 2017 observation
EEOP press conference for by-elections 2017 observation


In October 2016, the Union Election Commission (UEC) called by-elections for 1 April 2017. The UEC did so after it was formally notified of existing vacancies by the chairmen of the respective parliaments (hluttaws). Ten of the 13 seats filled in 2015 became vacant because the elected candidates assumed positions which are incompatible with that of a Member of Parliament (MP), while three became vacant due to the death of the incumbent. The remaining six seats, in Kyethi and Monghsu townships in Shan State, could not be filled in 2015 because the election there had to be cancelled for security reasons. These were the first by-elections since the November 2015 general elections. They were also the first elections that were administered by the new UEC, which took office on 1 April 2016. The by-elections were held in 22 townships in 8 states and regions to fill at total of 19 seats in the Union Parliament and in two state parliaments.

Overall, the by-elections were conducted without major problems. EEOP observers poling stations in all 22 townships where the by-elections took place and filed a total of 516 reports throughout election day. Despite some procedural problems, based on the amount of data we have received so far, we are confident to assess 95% of the polling observed as well-conducted. It is important to note that this rating is based on preliminary data, and may be revised once all observer reports have been processed and analyzed. We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the UEC, political parties, security forces, media, voters, and international and domestic observers to achieving peaceful and successful elections.

This preliminary statement is based on EEOP’s observations of the electoral process and on its observations on election day. Details will be discussed in the upcoming final report.

Issued Date: April 3, 2017

The full statement report can be downloaded in the following links;

Statement Report in English Language:

Statement Report in Myanmar Language:

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